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Schmalz presents the greatest variety of vacuum components the market has to offer in its new Vacuum Components Catalog 2012/2013.

Vacuum technology specialist Schmalz has presented its brand new Vacuum Components Catalog 2012/2013. The catalog covers over 3,500 vacuum parts: Suction pads, vacuum generators, valves and switches for monitoring and controlling vacuum systems, and every other related component are presented in detail on more than 700 pages.

Engineers and all other users can find the right components for their automation solution from a single source. The product programme of Schmalz range from standard suction pads, that are used millions of times, to complete industry grippers that have been tailored for specific applications. More than 400 vacuum parts are completely new in the catalog. For example the adaptable packaging suction pads for cardboard boxes or bags, the high-speed suction pad SAXM for sheet metal and the compact ejectors SMPi with innovative IO-Link technology. Also the wafer gripper SWGm and composite gripper SCG are new both are suitable for the sensitive handling of particularly fragile components. Moreover, Schmalz has improved the industry designations of its vacuum components and included recommendations for new fields of application such as solar, composite and battery technologies.

The catalog is clearly structured in thirteen chapters and does not only provide a detailed overview of the Schmalz components. The chapter Vacuum Knowledgee provide an introduction to the basics of vacuum technology for those new to the field. There are practical and helpful reference guides such as unit and conversion tables and a glossary of the most common terms used in vacuum technology. Selection assistants help designers finding the right vacuum solution. Furthermore, the catalog contains the entire range of pre-configured vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz, which offer operators a flexible and cost-efficient vacuum solution.

In addition to the printed catalog, there is an electronic version. The products in the digital catalog are linked to the Schmalz online store, which speeds up the ordering process. Additionally, the individual parts can be set on an internal watch list, which can either be sent to Schmalz or exported as PDF file for local use. With several product characteristics such as the material and diameter of the suction cups or nozzle size and air consumption of the compact ejectors, the product selection makes it easy to find the right item.

Both versions of the catalog are available in German, English, Spanish, French and Italian.

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