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Festo to unveil new Customer Solutions Center

On March 4,2010, Festo will inaugurate its new Customer Solutions Center at its Mississauga, Ontario headquarters demonstrating how it will better help customers find the solution they need.

"With Festo continually expanding its range of electrical and pneumatic technologies for process control, we are determined to show our customers that we are more than a place to purchase their partsswe are a solutions provider," extols Casey Samaroo, Customer Solutions Manager, Festo Inc.

Along with showcasing Festo's constantly evolving leading edge technologies, the new Customer Solutions Center will offer customers a place to examine first-hand how Festo's custom-tailored solution will work via a project simulation.

"Every day, Festo is asked for solutions for electrical and mechanical enquiries, states Samaroo. "Now with the Customer Solutions Center, Canadian customers can partner up directly with Festo engineers on-site to replicate situations to determine the best workable solution.

The Customer Solutions Center will provide an opportunity for customers to complete an industrial automation solution involving:

Handling and positioning including pick-and-place, linear or 3D gantries with pneumatic, electrical or hybridization of both.

Custom components designed and manufactured to specification.

Assembly and kitting services via standard, custom or third-party components.

Control cabinets featuring electrical and/or pneumatic systems.

Air quality and energy auditing services.

As well, the same day will also see the launch of Festo's new Regional Contact Center at the Canadian headquarters that will offer foster product support and technical assistance for its Canadian and U.S. customers.

Festo opens Regional Contact Center for U.S. and Canadian Customers

In an effort to provide a faster, more streamlined solution to U.S. and Canadian customers requiring information or assistance, Festo has optimized its services to provide answers in a timely and efficient manner.

As of March 4,2010, all queries from customers regarding placement or tracking of orders, request for quotes, product support or technical assistance will be directed through the new Regional Contact Center (RCC) located at Festo's Canadian headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario.
Festo is amalgamating its Contact Centers in Montreal, Quebec and St. Louis, Missouri to better serve the more than 20,000 customer calls and 9,000 faxes and e-mails it receives monthly from across the two countries.

"We want to better serve our customers," explains Contact Center Manager Greg James. "Festo customer service representation in both Canada and the U.S. has always been superlative, and the new RCC will allow us the opportunity to increase our efficiency."

The new RCC offers:

More Festo customer service employees to reduce customer wait-time;

Bilingual agents for French-language customers;

Extended hours of operations from SAM to 8PM EST;

Increased service during both U.S. and Canadian holidays;

Larger outbound calling team to apprise customers of all new product innovations;

Centralized product support team with knowledge of the more than 30,000 Festo products, including in-depth specialists for all electrical and mechanical enquiries;

Increased management overseeing regional growth of the Festo Online Shop.

Structured to answer 80 per cent of all incoming calls within the first 20 seconds, the RCC will employ a new fully automated inbound call and document distribution

SCHUNK Expert Days Service Robotics 2010 Expert forum for the future of service robotics

The first two Expert Days in 2008 and 2009 were a great success for all the participants. Now SCHUNK, the specialist in toolholding, workholding and automation in Lauffen, Germany, has organized the third Expert Days for service robotics on February 24 and 25, 2010. Experts from all over the world will assemble at this summit. In numerous lectures, which are held in English, the participiants will recieve information on present research projects, trends, and chances for service robotics.

The lectures of international referees particularly focus on current topics of service robotics: safety,
standardization, and European initiatives. Moreover, current research projects in the fileld of gripping, mobile manipulation, and modular robotics will be presented. The forum should be a contribution to identify marketable applications of service robotics.

Beside an intensive exchange of experience, the Expert Days are an ideal platform for generating international networks all around the globe and to jointly tackle projects for the future. As in years before, two moderators will present the event: Professor Dr. Henrik I. Christensen, holder of the KUKA Chair of Robotics at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, as well as Martin HHgele, Head of Department of Robotic Systems at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering und Automation (IPA) in Stuttgart. For further information as well as for registration please complete the form online under www.expertdays.schunk.com.

The event will be held February 24-25, 2010, in Brackenheim-Hausen, Germany.

FREE FRL Sample Available Get Real-Time Ship-To Dates at Bimba.com

Monee, IL November 3, 2009 Bimba Manufacturing announced today that customers can receive a FREE FRL sample at bimba.com. Bimba offers a full line of Air Preparation Equipment, Filters, Regulators and Lubricators available in multiple bore sizes. Custom assemblies and optional accessories including porting blocks, shut-off valves, gauges and more are also available.

As with all Bimba products, users can receive real-time price and delivery quotes on their FRL in three easy steps. One, select Price and Delivery from the Order Info dropdown at bimba.com; two, enter the desired part number and quantity; and three, click Request Part. Individually stocked FRL components will ship the same day to ensure customers receive products on-time, every time. Or, you can call us at, 1-800-44-BIMBA with your Bimba FRL part number or a competitorrs FRL Part Number and we will provide you with real-time price and delivery on the specific Bimba FRL to fit your requirements.

When you need FRLs fast, itts best to go with Bimba. Visit bimba.com/frl today.

About Bimba:
Bimba Manufacturing is a forward-thinking innovator of actuation technology, specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions to engineering challenges. Its capabilities include an extensive line of industry-leading air cylinders, rotary actuators, linear thrusters, rodless cylinders, air preparation equipment, valves, flow controls and position-sensing cylinders. In addition to its broad line of standard catalog products, Bimba also develops many custom and semi-custom products designed for specific customers and applications. These products, used in machinery and automation, are sold to original equipment manufacturers and end-users throughout the world in an expanding variety of industries.

Herkuless New Blog ---

Information-Packed Web Pages on Scissor Lift Tables and Material Handling Systems

Herkules Equipment Corporation has added information-packed pages to its website in the form of a blog covering a wide range of topics all related to scissor lift tables and material handling systems. Topics include basic applications of scissor lift tables for all possible uses under the sun: basic workstation lifting; scissor lifts for conveyors; skillet lifting system; operator lifting; instrument lifting; and the list goes on and on. Herkuless team members share their experiences and knowledge theyyve acquired throughout many years working on solutions for our customers. The blog is located at www.herkules.us/lifts/.

Many of the bloggs posts cover subjects that customers have asked about on specific projects, such as The Need for Safety Skirtss, and Integrating Lift Tables with Cartss. Other posts cover industry information such as Lift Table Technologyy and Calculating CFM and SCFMM. Actual unique lift projects such as Broach Lift and Rotate Systemm, and Power Turntable with Dual Tilt Tabless are explained along with photos of the final product.

Herkuless CEO, Todd Bacon, has extensive engineering knowledge on creating solutions with scissor lift tables.

For years I have wanted to explain to the world our Herkules message about the beautiful
products we manufacture. The Herkules staff is a group of hard working, loyal employees, who
work as a team and are very good at what they do. Please read about the products we
manufacture in as many postings in our blog as you would like. I am sure you will find at least a
few postings related to a solution that will work for your needs..

Herkules Equipment Corporation has been manufacturing Pneumatic Lifting Equipment for over 25 years, including (standard and custom); Lift Tables, Lift & Rotates, Lift & Tilts, Operator Lifts, Power Rotate Systems, Lifts for Integration, Cart Positioners, and Pallet Positioners. Herkules has now expanded their product offerings with electric lift systems and hydraulic lift systems.

For more product information, contact Herkules at 800-444-4351, or email info@herkules.us. Visit our website at www.herkules.us.

Engineering More Value for Every Customer

Commited to Customers At Bimba, every customer receives the highest level of quality, value, and service, every time. As the number one rated company in availability, performance and on-time delivery1, Bimba specializes in exceeding customer expectations and is dedicated to helping you get the job done, efficiently and accurately.

The key to great service is listening. So, when our website needed a major re-design, we turned to our customers for input. After hundreds of bimba.com visitors completed online surveys, we restructured our website to better fit your needs. Now, bimba.com features a robust product catalog, as well as an extensive library of online resources. Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives the development of our products and our company.

Bimba.com remains an important and growing source for information and is proof of our commitment to customer service. On our website, you can download CAD drawings, access technical articles, and watch detailed product animations. You can also get instant pricing and delivery dates, access your local Bimba distributor's contact information and see order tracking in real time. No matter what the question, an answer is only a click away.

For a more personalized experience, you can always talk to a Bimba representative. Comprised of experienced engineers and dedicated sales personnel, our team is prepared to tackle your most complicated technical questions and provide you with details on any of our products. Our highly trained customer service professionals are available by phone from 7am-5pm, or can be reached by email. And, with an in-house technical center and engineering group, Bimba closes the gap between customers and production personnel. Contact us and get the answers and information you need, quickly and easily. With Bimba's wide variety of customer resources, you are guaranteed an accurate and fast response, no matter what your inquiry. At Bimba, our customers add value to our company, and we work to do the same for you. Visit bimba.com

Rexroth recently revised the SC-300 pneumatic industrial directional control valve catalog

Rexroth recently revised the SC-300 pneumatic industrial directional control valve catalog to reflect new part numbers and product line changes.

The SC-300 pneumatic directional control valve catalog has recently undergone major revisions to reflect new part numbers and product line changes. The new 92 page catalog is now available and covers many of the most popular directional control valve lines. Slide valves included are the Ceramm ISO 5599/1 subbase mounted valve with ceramic plates. Poppet valves include: Snap 3-way, Miniblock 3-way, Series 830 3-way, Series 840 4-way, Series 740 4-way and the Rotairr Block 4-way valve. Spool type 4-way valves include the CD-7, TaskMasterr and PowerMasterr. Flow rates for the valves included in the SC-300 range from 0.06 Cv to 15.7 Cv, and include in-line, subbase and manifold type valves. Operator types include solenoid, air pilot, manual and mechanical. The catalog also includes valve sizing charts, application sketches, and a features comparison chart showing the industrial pneumatic directional control valves from all Rexroth catalogs. Request your free copy of the SC-300 today.

Bosch Rexroth AG is one of the worldds leading specialists in the field of drive and control technologies. Under the brand name of Rexroth the company supplies more than 500,000 customers with tailored solutions for driving, controlling and moving machinery used in industrial and factory automation as well as in mobile applications. Bosch Rexroth is a partner for industrial applications, factory automation, mobile applications and renewable energy development. As The Drive & Control Company, Bosch Rexroth develops, produces and sells components and systems in more than 80 countries. In 2008 Bosch Rexroth AG, part of the Bosch Group, achieved sales of around $8.3 billion (5.9 billion Euro) with 35,300 employees. Visit www.boschrexroth-us.com for more information.

Bimba Strengthens Commitment to Performance and Service with ERP Solution from Oracle

Monee, IL July 1, 2009 Bimba Manufacturing, a recognized leader in Industrial Automation technology, today announced a major Business Process Improvement (BPI) initiative to further elevate its performance and deliver exceptional service and value to its customer base.

Bimba is implementing a next generationn Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, using the Oraclee E-Business Suite, to streamline its business processes and enable future business growth. The implementation covers all key processes including product configuration, engineering design, sales order management, manufacturing, quality management, and distribution.

As part of its ERP project, Bimba is expanding its implementation of Lean Manufacturing and Just-In-Time (JIT) principles to improve operations efficiency and increase manufacturing flexibility.

The Oracle Applications will enable Bimba to transact business seamlessly over the Web using advanced Product Configurator, e-Commerce and Customer/Supplier Collaboration tools.

David Gillhouse, Bimbaas Information Technology Director, says, Our objective is to streamline business processes using Oracle Applications as the technology enabler. Our project team is extremely excited about the benefit potential. By streamlining our processes we expect to significantly reduce quote-to-ship lead time, improve customer service, improve manufacturing output, and increase employee productivity..

The Oracle implementation is viewed as a strategic investment by Bimbaas Executive Management team. Pat Ormsby, Bimba President, explains: The Oracle deployment will facilitate major business process improvement to support sustained, profitable business growth. It will help our company, and our valued distributors and customers, become more successful in the future..

Bimba has engaged Lucidity Consulting Group, a Certified Advantage partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork, to assist with the ERP/BPI initiative. Bimba recently completed a Phase 00 Process Modeling program with Lucidity. Key business processes were simulated using the Oracle Applications to gain insight into the new methods and the associated benefits. Detailed implementation plans were then developed for software deployment and physical operations improvements.

Martin Gibson, Lucidityys BPI Practice Director, praises Bimbaas Phase 00 effort: First we took a comprehensive picture of the business and identified major improvement opportunities. We then simulated future processes using Oracle Flow Manufacturing, Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning and other ERP applications. We were able to demonstrate major efficiency gains and cost reductions through streamlined methods and physical operating changes..

Gibson says, Bimba will be able to deploy these new techniques rapidly in the implementation phase, enabling a rapid Return on Investment. Additionally, the tools and processes can support significant business growth, not only for the next 1-2 years, but for the next decade and beyond. All processes and technology are highly scalable to support future growth..

In Phase 0,, significant emphasis was also placed on piloting Bimba-specific models in the Oracle Configurator. When fully implemented, distributors and their customers will be able to design and sell new products in real-time, collaborate over the Web, and place orders electronically with no human intervention. This will help reduce cycle time, order errors, and costs for all parties involved.

Lois Wortley, Oracle Vice President, Configurator Development says, It is exciting to see a company like Bimba fully embrace the Oracle E-Business Suite to increase the flexibility and productivity of their manufacturing operations. Additionally, the companyys deployment of Oracle Configurator will support more efficient business methods and promote a closer relationship with distributors and customers..

Bimba is deploying a time-phased implementation strategy for its three main business units. Mead Fluid Dynamics will be the first business unit implemented (target completion 3rd quarter of 2009). This will be followed by TRD (end of 2009), and Bimba (2nd quarter of 2010). Bimba plans to extend Oracle ERP capabilities to its distributors once internal deployment is completed.

Distributors interested in learning more about Bimbaas ERP/BPI initiative are urged to contact Scott Meldeau (Vice President of Sales & Marketing, meldeaus@bimba.com) or David Gillhouse (Information Technology Director, gillhoused@bimba.com).

About Bimba:
Bimba Manufacturing is a forward-thinking innovator of actuation technology, specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions to engineering challenges. Its capabilities include an extensive line of industry-leading air cylinders, rotary actuators, linear thrusters, rodless cylinders, flow controls and position-sensing cylinders. In addition to its broad line of standard catalog products, nearly half of the companyys business consists of custom and semi-custom products designed for specific customers and applications. These products, used in machinery and automation, are sold to original equipment manufacturers and end-users throughout the world in an expanding variety of industries.

Coilhose Pneumatics has announced the appointment of Adam Wishkovsky

Coilhose Pneumatics has announced the appointment of Adam Wishkovsky to the position of Eastern Sales Manager for both Coilhose and Acme Automotive. Reporting to John Dillenburg, National Sales Manager, Adam will be responsible for sales of products in all market channels in the Eastern United States as well as Canada. Adam will also manage Coilhose and Acme rep agencies and customer accounts in the Eastern geographical region.

Adam brings 28 years of experience in a variety of sales management and marketing positions. Most recently, Adam had responsibility for all sales in the construction and rental division of Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a material handling company manufacturing products such as hoists, lifting chain, overhead crane systems, and below-the-hook attachments. Prior to that, Adam held sales and marketing management positions with a number of manufacturers, including Wilson/Dalloz Safety, Bladesmith, and Oldham Saw Company.

Coilhose Pneumatics
19 Kimberly Road
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
P: 732.390.8480
F: 732.390.9693

Bionic solutions for efficient automation of the future Inspired by nature

Maximum performance with minimum energy consumption: Nature shows the way to energy-efficient movement processes in tomorrowws production and provides impulses for astounding new practical applications.

Flexibility, lightness in relation to the mass to be displaced and energy efficiency are acquiring increasing significance in automation. With highly diverse examples, nature demonstrates how maximum performance can be achieved with minimum consumption of energy.

Dr. Eberhard Veit, Chairman of the Management Board and Director of Technology and Market Positioning at Festo AG, explains: We are using bionics to sound out new technologies and to offer our customers even more efficient solutions in automation..

Over the past few years, the Festo Bionic Learning Network a cooperation of Festo with renowned universities, institutes and development companies has become established as an integral part of Festoos innovation processes.

The Bionic Learning Network thus reflects Festoos solutions competence for evaluating new approaches in sustainable product development. We intend to be the innovation leader in our sector. To this end, we must repeatedly travel down new, in other words entirely different, paths in order to provide our customers with added value,, says Dr. Veit.

Bionic design principles serve as the basis for the development of new gripper technology for flexible adaptive gripping in the mechanical handling industry.

In biomechatronics, Festo is investigating new approaches in the control and regulation of autonomous bionic systems, all the way up to smart system integration and the application of state-of-the-art communication technologies. Autonomous, versatile, adaptive and self-regulating processes will acquire increasing significance in the future for the automation of production. In this process, the ongoing development of sensor and regulating technologies along the road to decentralised, autonomous, self-controlling and self-organising systems is benefiting from inspiration provided by nature.