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Fabco-Air, Inc. Custom Solutions - Custom Pneumatic Slide

The Engineering and Technical Support Team(s) at Fabco-Air possess an unprecedented amount of Fluid Power problem solving experience. Here is just another example of how the team at Fabco-Air is able to offer a custom solution that fulfills the application requirement perfectly.

This application required a pneumatic linear actuator to operate a sorting device on a conveyor system. The challenge was that the actuator had to maneuver a wide variety of part sizes.

Here is a brief summary of the Fabco-Air solution. A GB Series (block style) pneumatic slide/thruster and a Global Series (metric compact) cylinder were combined together to make a 3-position, air-operated device. To expedite the changeover process and to accommodate thickness variations of parts on the conveyor, a Dial-A-Stroke unit was also added. The Fabco-Air Dial-A-Stroke enables quick and easy adjustability of the intermediate stroke position (up to 2 inches).

As you can see, the team at Fabco-Air is more than capable of creating solutions for even the most demanding applications.

Please contact Fabco-Air, Inc. customer service with any questions.

Contact Information
phone: (352) 373-3578
fax: (352) 375-8024
email: service@fabco-air.com

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