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New from FIPA: Oval vacuum cups for cylindrical products

The right solution for any handling task:
FIPA (www.fipa.com) has extended its range of vacuum cups by adding oval vacuum cups for cylindrical workpieces.
While classic oval vacuum cups are flat and offer only a small attachment area for cylindrical parts, the new vacuum cups feature a sealing face with a three-dimensional, oval shape.

The contour of the suction lip partially grips the workpiece resulting in significantly better suction than classic oval vacuum cups. The advantage is that very small diameter workpieces can be securely gripped even at high speeds. Reliable handling solutions for pipettes, pencils, bolts, needles and the like can thus be realized efficiently. The new oval vacuum cups for cylindrical workpieces are available in oil-resistant NBR (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber) or FDA-compliant, temperature-resistant silicone.

102 Kingussie Ct
Cary, NC 27511
Phone: (800) 913-7002
Fax: (919) 573-0871

Miniature Precision Regulator from Pneumadyne.

Pneumadynes new Miniature Precision Regulator offers highly accurate air pressure control in a compact package; ideal for limited space applications. This precision machined, high quality regulator features an output pressure range up to 100 psi and high flow rate of 4.5 scfm. With a maximum supply pressure of 250 psi, our Precision Regulator is extremely dependable and repeatedly returns to the set pressure when turned off and on.

Exceptionally tight design tolerances effectively minimize vibration allowing the regulator to remain stable under changing operating conditions.

Pneumadyne, Inc.
14425 23rd Ave N
Plymouth, MN 55447
P: 763-559-0177

Rexroth Expands Non-Contact Transfer Units to Include High-Grade Polymer Version

Rexroth Expands Non-Contact Transfer Units to Include High-Grade Polymer Version

* Addition to standard aluminum version
* Ideal for food and beverage industry applications

The Non-Contact Transfer (NCT) unit from Rexroth is a unique picking device that operates on the Bernoulli principle, which applies airflow under the device to create a vacuum and lift force between the center and circumference. The line is now expanded to include a high-grade polymer version.

In the last few years, the NCT transfer system has solved many customer problems associated with how to effectively handle materials that are porous, delicate, or have rough or soft surfaces. Now, in addition to the standard aluminum version, the NCT is available in PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), a high-grade polymer. The material expands the potential applications of the NCT to areas where aluminum components are not suitable. Resistance to chemicals, conventional solvents, acids, salts and oil are properties that make this new version of the NCT an ideal handling component for both the packaging and food/beverage industries. FDA- and EG-approved materials guarantee the safe use of these components, even in direct contact with food products. A low friction coefficient and high resistance to wear ensure a long service life and hygienic handling.


The MultiLoc process replaces spotwelds, hole punching, screws and rivets with a metal clinching process. A quick, clean joint of most ductile materials may be obtained using MultiLocc.

Powered by a Multicyl air/oil intensifier, the fast advance stroke is followed by a smooth hydraulic action, ideal for the metal clinching operation.
There are several machine alternatives for fastening sheet metal components. Using standard clinching tools in throat depths up to 8" deep, these machines can fasten many combinations of materials together including mild steel, galvanized, pre-painted or pre-coated stock, aluminium and stainless steel.

640 Hardwick Rd. Unit #1
Bolton, ON
L7E 5R1
US (800-388-6359) or 905-951-0670

Configured in no time

Vacuum technology specialist J. Schmalz presents the first modular system for fast and easy setup of vacuum end effectors for the packaging industry

Schmalz introduced the new modular system for vacuum end effectors (VEE) at the Interpack 2011 trade fair. It makes for fast and flexible gripper configurations for pick and place processes, for use in case packers, in carton and tray erecting machines, in top and side loading machines as well as in packaging machines with frequent format changes.
Instead of going back to rigid end effectors made in individual production, system integrators, machine and robot manufacturers now have the option to set up or reconfigure flexible end effectors: A wide selection of combinations of vacuum feed and zones, connection elements and suction pad connections is available. All elements of the modular system are available for download as CAD models on the website of the manufacturer (www.schmalz.com) to be quickly combined into the required configuration on your PC.

The VEE modular system from Schmalz permits minimum configurations with one suction pad or a size of 38x38 mm and a dead weight of only 60 g. The largest configurable vacuum end effector comes with 12 suction pads at variable distances and a maximum gripper size of 300x200 mm at a weight of 800 g. Users can select suction pads from the highly specialized offer of the manufacturer depending on their requirements: Flat suction pad SGPN for handling fragile foil and blister packaging, flat suction pad SPF for handling stable cardboard boxes, bellows suction pad SPB4 for handling filled bags or flow wrap packaging.

The VEE masters loads of up to 2000 g and process accelerations up to 10 g (100 m/ss) regardless of the type of product it is handling, which means it meets all the requirements of the fast pick and place processes typical for the packaging industry.
Gripper changeover times are kept to a minimum thanks to the standard quick-change adapter. Another feature is the hose-free vacuum distribution within the system, which reduces possible leakage and ensures greater efficiency and faster response times.
All VEE elements are made of polysulfone PSU according to FDA guidelines. They are resistant to alkaline and acidic cleaning agents and can be steam sterilized. This makes them suitable not only for the packaging industry but especially for use in the food processing industry.

Schmalz offers a 120 piece VEE starter kit that includes all components for setup of up to two end effectors, including suction pads and manual quick-change coupler with bayonet fastener.

Schmalz Vacuum Technology Ltd.
17-3190 Ridgeway Drive
Mississauga, ON
L5L 5S8

Phone: 905 569 9520
Toll Free: 1 877 624 9520
Fax: 905 569 8256

Introducing The New Compact Nex Flow STREAM VAC Dust Collection and Fume Extraction system

The Nex Flow Stream Vac is an in line air conveyor that when hooked up to a
2 inch hose and connected to a compressed air line, it will remove up to several hundred cubic feet of air while using only a minimal amount of compressed air, taking with it welding fumes, soldering fumes, particulate from local grinding operations, smoke and particulate from almost any spot application.

A safe and improved healthy condition in the workplace improves employee morale, increases worker productivity, decreases absenteeism and even reduces insurance costs in many cases. A cleaner environment can even enhance the performance of machinery and sometimes cut
maintenance costs. However, until now there was no low cost solution to enhance the environment.

The low cost, compact and portable unit operates utilizing a minimal amount of compressed air. It comes with a magnetic stand to plug into position on any magnet accepting metal surface. Simply connect the snap on collection attachments and clamp a 2 inch hose on the opposite
side, hook up your compressed air and you are set to go. Comes complete with shut-off valve.

This compact Air Cleaning, Dust and Fume Extraction unit is designed to handle small and spot area applications. Portable, low cost with
zero maintenance!

Nex Flow Air Products Corp.
Williamsville, NY, USA and Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
International Number: Tel: +1-416-410-1313
International Fax: +1-416-410-1806 or +1-716-626-3001


A new vacuum tube lifter that incorporates a dual function pick-up head that provides vacuum lifting for boxes and a hook for handling pails and similar loads is being introduced by Anver Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The Anver VT-Series Dual Function tube lifter provides a versatile lifting solution by having two vacuum suction pads for lifting boxes and a compact hook for attaching pails and similar loads. Incorporating a new ergonomic curved handle and built in up/down controls that adjust to the userrs hand strength, this lifter is ideal for various loading and unloading operations.

Easy to maneuver, the Anver VT-Series Dual Function tube lifter swivels a full 360 degrees under vacuum and provides a 100% continuous duty cycle. Available in air- or electric powered models, a vacuum gauge and rugged wire-reinforced tube with a protective cover are standard, and a quick-connect coupling accommodates a wide selection of vacuum suction pads.

The Anver VT-Series Dual Function tube lifter is priced from $2,995.00, depending upon vacuum pads. Price quotations are available upon request.

For more information contact:

Anver Corporation
36 Parmenter Rd.
Hudson, MA 01749
(800) 654-3500
FAX (978) 568-1570

Stroke Module KLM 300 from SCHUNK

For loading machine tools, power and precision are both required. For this type of application, SCHUNK enlarged its modular system with the stroke module KLM 300. Double-seated and robust dimensioned guiding shafts assure that the module can handle high payloads and achieves an
excellent repeat accuracy of less than 0.015 mm.

Two possible intermediate positions assure a higher flexibility to the user. In order to achieve a more compact design with minimum interfering contours, the shock absorbers and the proximity switches are already integrated into the projected area, and assure a vibration
-free motion and reliable monitoring of the end positions. In case of emergency stops, a clamping cartridge avoids an uncontrolled movement.

As a part of the modular system for automation, the module allows more than 250 standard combinations, even with sealed grippers. The module is particularly suitable for workpiece handling of up to 15 kg and can be also integrated as a Z-axis into linear gantries.

SCHUNK is a family owned operation and a global player in one. Totaling more than 60 years of experience, SCHUNK is a leading worldwide manufacturer of toolholding components, workholding systems, and automation components. With their reputation for high quality products, absolute precision, and continuous innovation, SCHUNK is a reliable partner for their customers. For more information, visit SCHUNK USA

Canfield Connectors Reed and Electronic Sensors Fit Universal T Slot Applications

Canfield Connectors Series 9Q is a magnetic proximity switch specifically engineered to fit T slot extruded actuators. The 9Qs small size is applicable for most space requirements and its unique design enables installation anywhere along the slot and assembly without removing the actuator end-cap. The sensors are offered as a flying lead or 8mm quick connect and are easily wired in to any application. Available in reed or electronic sensing, these rugged polyurethane encapsulated switches feature an on board indicator light and a hard nylon shell; offer reverse polarity protection and are available in DC or AC voltage versions. The electronic sensing version has no moving parts. The Series 9Q operates in a temperature range from -200 to +800C, are corrosion and wash down resistant, are compatible with IS (Intrinsically Safe) barriers, and most versions are designed to meet NEMA 6/IP 67 specifications.

Canfield Connector is certified to ISO 9001 with design and the Series 9Q is proudly manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards. Complete specifications can be found at www.canfieldconnector.com or by calling Bob Howard at 330-758-8299 x 122.

Canfield Connector
8510 Foxwood Court
Youngstown, Ohio 44514
Tel: (330) 758-8299
Fax: (330) 758-8912


Tests indicate that the compressed air operated Nex Floww X-streamm Air Bladee air knife system is one of the most quiet and efficient of any compressed air operated air knife available. Unlike many competitive aluminum air knife products the X-streamm Air Bladee air knife is anodizedd for longer material life in difficult factory environments. The unit is labeled Silentt because of extremely low exhaust noise levels under 70 dBA.

The Nex Floww X-streamm Air Bladee air knife is available in regular anodized aluminum and in hard anodized aluminum should there be a risk of any abrasion or rubbing with materials while in operation. In addition, stainless steel versions are available for very high temperature and highly corrosive environments.

All of Nex Floww air knife systems come with stainless steel shims not cheap plastic ones that wear out, all at no extra charge. Despite the use of filters to keep out moisture and dirt, even small amounts of debris or moisture or oil can still damage weak, flimsy plastic shims. Stainless steel shims are a standard with all Nex Floww blow off products that require them, offering long life and consistent performance.

Applications include replacing drilled pipe, rows of nozzles for all types of blow-off and even for cooling applications. Energy reduction in compressed air use can be anywhere from 50% to 90% depending on the application. Lengths are available from 22 to 544 . Units may be coupled together for longer lengths utilizing a couplingg kit in either aluminum or stainless steel.

Nex Floww Air Products Corp.
Williamsville, NY, USA and Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
International Number: Tel: +1-416-410-1313
International Fax: +1-416-410-1806 or +1-716-626-3001