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Balluff Introduces its New Line of Micropulse Generation 7 Linear Position Transducers

Balluff Introduces its New Line of Micropulse Generation 7 Linear Position Transducers Analog models offer improved accuracy, enhanced shock and vibration ratings, longer lengths

Balluff introduces the first of its new Micropulse Generation 7 linear position transducers, featuring improved measurement and environmental specifications, longer lengths, and more flexible setup than previous models. Debuting in the analog rod style housing, Generation 7 is available in two versions, Micropulse and Micropulse Plus. Micropulse, the base offering, is fully backward compatible to Ballufffs Generation 5 products, yet delivers better measurement performance and environmental ratings. The advanced version, Micropulse Plus, sets a new standard for flexible output scaling and configuration using a PC interface.

For further information, visit: http://www.balluff.com/BTL7_Z
Improved performance includes:

Stroke lengths to 3000

Maximum non-linearity cut in half
??50 m for nominal strokes < 500mm
??0.01% of full scale for 500mm to 5500mm
??0.02% of full scale from 5501mm to 7600mm

Shock rating improved 50% to 150g

Vibration rating increased 67% to 20g

EMC severity

Static, RF, burst, and line noise: Level 3

Surge: Level 2

Magnetic field immunity: Level 4

Housing protection IP68 for pre-wired cables/IP67 for connector models
Other improvements allow easier and more flexible configuration options during setup. New dual bi-color LEDs handle double duty for diagnostics and as a setup aid for pushbutton scaling of the position outputs. Communicating to a PC over standard USB, Micropulse Plus outputs can be scaled, inverted, and configured for single- or two-magnet position, velocity, or differential position between two magnets. Intuitive software features a simple-to-use graphical interface that allows drag-and-drop adjustment of the output characteristics. Configuration files can be saved for backup, replication, or for emailing to remote locations. Manual adjustment without a PC is also possible using the included pushbutton tool and simplified setup procedure that minimizes button-pushing complexity while maximizing operational flexibility.

Contrinex Miniature Sensors withstand high pressure in severe environments

Contrinex has developed the Series EE range of miniature sensors that can withstand up to 300psi continuously on the front face. Available in 4mm, M5, 6.5mm and M8 sizes, these devices can be embedded in pressurized systems to detect moving elements or targets.

A typical application is in pneumatic systems to detect piston positions within cylinders. Where cylinders are subject to high vibration and shock, conventional reed switch feedback is often not suitable while the Series EE sensor provides a stable and positive control feedback in the most severe vibration conditions.

Other applications include gear tooth detection for speed or position control in gearboxes, dispensing and water pumps and similar equipment. In addition to its high degree of sealing, this range has a very fast 5KHz, switched output that can be essential when counting small gear teeth reliably.

The sensing face of the Series EE sensors are made from tough sapphire on the 4mm and M5 versions and from thick ceramic on the 6.5mm and M8 models as opposed to the conventional plastic front face found on many sensors of this type that is vulnerable and unsuitable in applications where the sensor is in continuous contact with fluids and lubricants.

The housings are precision machined from tough AISI 303 stainless steel that is resistant to most corrosive liquids and media. High flexibility polyurethane (PUR) cables are fitted to all models. PUR is resistant to most oils and remains flexible even at low temperatures, preventing cracking or splitting that can lead to system failure.

The rear of the sensors are IP68 sealed, they have a wide voltage supply range of 10 to 30VDC, and will switch an output current of 200mA. The sensing range is stable from -255C to +700C, and they are short-circuit- / inverse-polarity-proof and overload protected.

CONTRINEX has manufactured inductive and photoelectric proximity switches since 1972. It specializes exclusively in the development, manufacture and sales of positioning sensors for industrial use. All departments and management levels in the companyys management system are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Editorrs Note: For Additional Editorial Information, contact W. Nicc Damuck at (860) 388-3573; ndamuck@contrinex.com

Complete documentation is available from:
Contrinex, Inc.
2 Business Park Rd.
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
Tel. (860) 388-3573
Toll Free (866) 289-2899
Fax (860) 388-3574
E-mail: info_us@contrinex.com
Internet: www.contrinex.com

Versatile and Economical Valve for Multiple Media Usage

The Spartan Scientific Series 3500 2-way, 2-position normally open or normally closed solenoid/air operated pilot valve uses the latest injection and forging technologies available to provide the highest quality, smallest size per Cv of flow valve on the market. This competitively priced valve is ideal for air control, inert gas control, water, condensate drainage, hot water plumbing and sprinkler systems. The 3500 has an ambient temperature range of -100 to +500C and when combined with the Series 3000 solenoid operator and used as a direct acting/pilot operated valve, gives full flow throughout a pressure range of 0-230 psi. Available in ¼, 3/88 and ½ NPT sizes, the 3500 forged body section ensures robustness; while the molded pilot section features high life cycle solenoid parts, a push, non-locking manual override, and either quick connect DIN 43650 AA or flying leadd electrical connection options.

The Spartan Scientific Series 3500 is manufactured in the USA to ISO 9001 with design specifications to the highest quality standards. Complete specifications and options can be found at www.spartanscientific.com or by calling Bob Howard at 330-758-8446 x 122.

THE AMD-035 SuperStar Membrane Dryer

LA-MAN Corporation offers the AMD-035 SuperStar Membrane Dryer that provides ultra-clean and ultra dry compressed air specifically designed with the automotive industry in mind. This unique membrane dryer can be used where refrigerated dryers may be too large or electricity is not available or desirable.
The innovative AMD-035 Membrane Dryer lowers the dew point by continuously removing water vapor and venting into the surrounding atmosphere. With dew point temperatures reduced 20 Degrees Fahrenheit or more, the AMD 035 SuperStar Membrane Dryer is an ideal solution for spray booth applications.

A critical standard feature of the AMD -035 SuperStar Membrane Dryer includes the pre-filtration system that incorporates a high efficiency coalescing filter into the process. With these properties the AMD -035 SuperStar Membrane is assured of contaminant and particle free air, allowing for optimal performance. The standard automatic float drain will allow for the discharge of moisture from the Extractor/Dryerr while preventing any system air loss. Maintenance on the equipment is easily accomplished with the installation of the appropriate service kit and without removing the unit from the air system.

In addition to AMD-035 SuperStar Membrane Dryer, other compressed air filtration products available from
LA-MAN Corporation include the Extractor/Dryer, SuperStar .01 Micron Filter, Refrigerated Dryer, Pneuguard In-Line Dryer, and LA-MAN Breathing Air Systems.

New IMA rod-style linear actuator is designed with Tolomatics Endurance Technology

New Tolomatic integrated servo motor actuator combines 2000-lbs. of force in a compact design for increased dynamic performance

New IMA rod-style linear actuator is designed with Tolomaticcs Endurance Technology(SM) for maximum durability and extended service life.

HAMEL, Minn. The new integrated-motor actuator (IMA) from Tolomatic, Inc., combines a servo motor with Tolomaticcs proven rod-style actuator to provide a compact package. Compared to traditional rod-style actuators, the IMAAs integrated design provides higher dynamic performance by eliminating the need for separate motors, couplers, motor mounts, gearing and belts. The result is reduced component costs, assembly time and failure points.

The IMAAs compact footprint, combined with the energy savings and flexibility of control from an electric actuator, makes the IMA a powerful, viable alternative for replacing pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders,, says Aaron Dietrich, electric product manager, Tolomatic. The high-force design of the IMA allows it to be used in a variety of applications such as pressing, clamping, valve control, spot welding and volumetric filling.

The Tolomatic IMA provides high force (up to 2000 lbf) along with high speed (23 in./sec.) and positional accuracy (+/- 0.00984 in. or +/- 0.25 mm). The IMA can be ordered in any incremental stroke length from 6 to 18 inches.

Built with Tolomaticcs Endurance Technology features for maximum durability and extended service life, the IMA is offered with multiple ball screw leads, and a choice of motor winding voltages. The patent-pending screw lubrication system allows for easy re-lubrication without disassembly for extremely long service life.

Tolomaticcs easy-to-use sizing and selection software makes selecting an IMA easy. All orders are built-to-order and shipped with Tolomaticcs industry leading five-day delivery.

For more than 50 years, Tolomatic has been a leading supplier of electric linear actuators, pneumatic actuators and power transmission products for factory automation. Its extensive product line also includes servo-driven high-thrust actuators, servo and stepper motors, stepper drives and configured linear-motion systems. Tolomaticcs electric linear and pneumatic actuators are used in a variety of industries, including the packaging, material handling, medical, food processing, automotive, semiconductor and general automation industries. For more information about the new Integrated Motor Actuator, contact Tolomatic, 3800 County Road 116, Hamel, Minn. Phone: 763-478-8000 or 1-800-328-2174. Website: www.tolomatic.com.

PID Series Digital Module for Electrohydraulic Proportional Valves Work in Systems Requiring Precise Closed-Loop Pressure, Position or Velocity Control

Parker Hannifin Corporation, the world’s leading motion control supplier to mobile, industrial and aerospace markets, announces the release of its PID series Digital Module for electrohydraulic proportional valves.

Parker is releasing the fifth module in the PID series family. The PID module is designed to work in systems requiring precise closed-loop control of pressure, position or velocity. Like the other models in the PID family, this module is configured using the same ProPXD computer software on PC.

The PID00A-400 Series module provides benefits to the customer in the following areas:

• No need for a DIN card holder, typically $50
• Digital software allows fast viewing and verification of module settings. – No voltmeter required.
• Module size is half that of conventional DIN rack mounted cards. – Smaller enclosure required.
• Flexible input and output selection eliminates the need for an additional signal conditioning card that can cost $100.

The Parker PID Digital Module is configured via a standard RS232 null-modem cable using free user-interface software, Parker ProPXD. No programming skills are required to use the software, which provides selectable defaults and customizable parameters for specific valves. The software displays default or previously saved values and profiles, the parameters currently stored in a module and diagnostic test signals where applicable. ProPXD software is easily downloaded from the Parker Web site at http://www.parker.com/euro_hcd. (Click Downloads under the Services heading.)

Parker HVD offers a single source for industrial hydraulic solutions. We have an extensive product line, in-depth knowledge of our markets and the widest network of distributors in the industry. If you need help on an application, please contact your local distributor. For more information on Parker industrial products including PID modules or to locate the nearest Parker distributor, please call 1-800-272-7537 or visit http://www.parker.com