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Pneumatic Mini Slide DGSL from FESTO

Precise Positioning, Compact, Easy to Install

The DGSL from Festo Corporation is designed as an ultra-precise slide for
positioningor as an easy pick and place system. The main design element
to this precision slide is the use of an integrated bearing system with an
accuracy of 0.01 mm and linearity andparallelism in the 1/100 mm range.

Available in eight sizes from 4 to 20 mm diameter and with strokes up to
200 mm, the mini slide covers a wide range of applications. It is ideally
suited for the electronics industry where minute parts need to be handled
with utmost precision and where space may be restricted.

The optional clamping unit and the end-position interlock prevents undesired
lowering of loads onto work piece carriers in the case of compressed air
supply failure and provides protection in emergency stop situations.

Another advantage of the easy-to-install mini slide is that it offers three different end
stop systems (shock-absorber, cushioned metal stops or polymer stops) providing the
best solution for every application for technical features and cost-effectiveness.
For more details, please visit: www.festo.com/us/dgsl

Festo Corporation
395 Moreland Road
P.O. Box 18023
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Tel: 631.435.0800
Fax: 631.231.9215

Fabco-Air, Inc., Products in Stainless Steel

Did you know Fabco-Air provides several of it's products in stainless steel? Stainless steel cylinders are ideal for withstanding harsh environments, as well as for wash down solutions that would ruin normal cylinders. Fabco-Air combines stainless steel with some of our most popular lines to create cylinders suited for these conditions.

Fabco-Air's Original Pancake is a compact cylinder with a solid body construction. This solid body provides a nearly seamless cylinder, leaving very few crevasses to trap wash down solution or cracks to allow bacteria to grow. Add to this the durability and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, and you have a cylinder that is perfect for use in the dairy and filling industries.

Looking for something a little more "standard"? Fabco-Air can help you with that, too. We offer an NFPA Tie Rod cylinder as well as our "F" Series "throw-away" style in stainless as well, providing an easy interchange with existing solutions. These cylinders in stainless allow the use of pneumatics in processes such a packing, filling, and food processing where caustic wash downs would destroy typical aluminum heads.

Still don't see what you want? No problem. Fabco-Air has a fully equipped machine shop and staff of engineers ready to help you build the special solution you need, so you can build the business you want.

Contact Information
phone: (352) 373-3578
fax: (352) 375-8024
email: service@fabco-air.comPrevious Fabco News emails



A new, below-the-hook, electric powered vacuum lifter for removing lead ingots from a kiln and handling other dense non-ferrous loads is being introduced by Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The Anver VPE3 Ingot Lifter is an electric powered vacuum lifter that features a custom silicone vacuum suction pad designed for the momentary pick-and-place handling of loads up to 6000F. Ideally suited for removing lead, aluminum, bronze and other non-ferrous ingots from a kiln, this below-the-hook lifter is available in capacities up to 10,000 lbs.

Built for safely handling heavy ingots from their top surface, the Anver VP3 Ingot Lifter has an ergonomic handlebar and a detachable remote control. Featuring a VLS-8 Vacuum Loss Sensor, if a vacuum loss or leakage of 10% occurs, a loud horn will sound and a flashing bright LED warns the operator; while a check valve and reservoir help maintain vacuum.

The Anver VP3 Ingot Lifter is priced from $4,995.00 to $6,995.00, depending upon capacity. Literature and pricing are available upon request.

For more information contact:

Anver Corporation
Scott Dillon, Group Manager
36 Parmenter Rd.
Hudson, MA 01749
(800) 654-3500 FAX (978) 568-1570
e-mail: sdillon@anver.com

Schunk introduces compact ring indexing table

Schunk has expanded its product range and now offers a compact ring indexing table for assembly applications within the Gemotec system.

The RST series is pneumatically driven and is available in two different sizes with the RST 18 and RST 24. Their key differences are the footprint (70x70 mm / 100x100 mm), torque (1.2 Nm / 4 Nm) and in the maximum axial force on the cycle ring (1950 N / 3400 N).

The ring indexing tables can cycle either to the left or the right or alternate, without requiring any modifications. Switching is performed by the pneumatic actuation alone, and the cycle types can be changed in any order and any number of times. Thus, the RST series allows the working process to be stopped, to return a few steps and repeat the processing step in question if errors occur - a unique feature not offered by any other manufacturer.

The angle adjustment can be set simply to 4, 6, 8 or 12 steps. Hydraulic shock absorbers are used as end position dampers in both directions. The repeat accuracy of the angle of rotation is less than 0.033, the axial and radial run-out of the cycle ring is better than 0.02 mm.

As only the cycle ring rotates in the RST series, its special feature is an unusually large fixed central section. This makes it easier to add additional components and assemblies, and features a large feed-through bore. For example, it allows additional assemblies to be supplied with compressed air without the air hoses having to follow any rotating movements of the ring indexing table.

211 Kitty Hawk Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: 919.572.2705 or
Fax: 919.572.2818

ROSS CONTROLS Introduces Compact Poppet Valves and Manifolds

(TROY, MI) ROSS CONTROLS is pleased to announce the release of its Dale
Series CP and CXcompact poppet valves and manifolds to the market. These
cost effective valves offer customers asuper high-flow product in a small,
manifold-ready design. Continuing ROSSS 78-year tradition of
innovation and reliability, the Series CP and CX have a dirt-tolerant poppet
design and continuousdutyrating which ensure long service life in a broad
array of applications.

The Series CP and CX 2- or 3-way valves are available in normally-open,
normally-closed andremote pilot configurations. The 2-way valves range
from 3/8 to 2-1/22 pipe size with an impressiveCv range of 3.5 to 100.
This high-flow capability is a unique and valuable feature in such a compact
valve manifold design. The 3-way valves range from 1/2 to 11 pipe size and
have a Cv range of 3.6 to 12.3.

These valves can be ordered with inline or manifold base-mounted configurations (with throughholes),
depending on the application requirements. This manifold capability allows customer to save
time and money otherwise spent on piping and reduces potential leak paths, which saves energy.
For added flexibility, the valves are available with customer-specified manifolds that can combine
normally-open, normally-closed, solenoid pilot or remote pressure control operation together in one
manifold to create simple valve systems for traditionally complicated applications. For example, a
common application for these valves is on equipment where media of different pressure levels
(including vacuum) may need to be applied sequentially to a common work piece. Instead of piping
up several valves together with hard pipe, the Series CP and CX valves can be configured into a
common manifold. This is mostly possible due to the valvess revolutionary port pressure
independence which can solve many configuration issues and provide customers with infinite design

The Dale Series CP and CX valves and manifolds are suitable for many applications:
- Pulp and Paper
- Steel Mills- Pickling
- Packaging- Food and Chemical
- Power Generation
- Industrial Mineral
- Vacuum
- Leak Test (Series CX)

For applications where weight is a consideration, the Series CP and CX valves are a great solution
because of their lightweight anodized aluminum alloy construction. Due to their leak tight design, the
Series CX models are ably equipped for leak testing applications. Whatever the application, though,
customers can look forward to time savings and ease of maintenance because the valves provide nonlube
service and its manifolds can be serviced or repaired in minutes.
For more information on ROSS' Dale Series CP and CX valves and manifolds, visit
www.rosscontrols.com to download literature and locate your local ROSS distributor, or contact:

ROSS CONTROLS Customer Service
800-438-7677 (in the U.S.) or 706-356-3708 (outside the U.S.)
E-mail: custsvc@rosscontrols.com
Internet: www.rosscontrols.com

Fabco-Air, Inc. is pleased to announce a new product line.

Series FKA is an angular jaw gripper which offers a more cost effective solution for customers using our competitors products.

It includes some great features like:

-Standard magnetic piston.
-Compact design make grippers ideal for handling small parts in confined areas.
-Gripper body is hard coated aluminum ensuring abrasion and corrosion resistance.
-No extra lubrication required.

Standard delivery is 7-10 days. Express delivery is available.
Please contact Fabco-Air, Inc. customer service with any questions.

Bulletin FKA-09 can be downloaded at:

The catalog is also available on our Literature request form, as well as our main catalog download page.
Please contact Fabco-Air, Inc. customer service with any questions.

Contact Information
phone: (352) 373-3578 (352) 373-3578
fax: (352) 375-8024
email: service@fabco-air.com


Advanced Machine & Engineering announces the Fourth- Generation RLN Series Rod Locks.

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., (AME) Rockford, IL announces the Fourth- Generation RLN Series Rod Locks. The new Pneumatic Series RLN Rod Lock has been developed as a solution to control problems inherent to pneumatics over travel, drifting, bouncing and reverse traveling. The AMLOKK Power-Off Rod Lock can be mounted to a NFPA cylinder, or as a stand alone unit.

The patented AMLOKK Type RLN is constructed of black anodized aluminum housing with a special piston and wedge locking mechanism actuated by multiple springs that mechanically lock the rod quickly and securely. The clamp is unlocked when air actuates the piston, compresses the spring and releases the locking device.

No rod displacement on engagement
Large clamping surface reduces pressure-per-square-inch on the rod, extending service life
Fast response time
Low backlash
4 bar (60 psi) release pressure
Precision holding 0.002-0.003
Consistent clamping force in both directions
High cycle rates and accuracy
Holds load during power/pressure loss
Compact unit, easy integration
Versatile sleeve nut/tie rod mounting to NFPA style pneumatic cylinders
Many NFPA style-mounting attachments available for stand alone applications

The optional sealed RLN Series design is suitable for food and wash down applications as well as pneumatic and hydraulic presses, scissor-lift tables, test and positioning equipment, amusement ride equipment, printing and paper handling equipment, theatrical equipment (platforms), assembly equipment, and machine tool applications.

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., is a manufacturer located in Rockford, Ill., serving the Machine Tool Industry with precision components and accessories, including spindle interface components, workholding devices and, through our brother company, Hennig, machine enclosures, chip removal and filtration systems; the Fluid Power Safety market with cylinder rod locks and safety catcher devices; and the Production Saw market with our AmSaw carbide saw machines and Speedcut blade products. AME has manufacturing partners and customers around the world and across the U.S. To learn more, visit www.ame.com.

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.
2500 Latham St.
Rockford, IL 61103
Phone: 815-316-5277
Fax: 815-962-6483
E-mail: info@ame.com


A full line of ESD-safe vacuum suction cups for EOAT (end of arm tooling) used in the assembly and manufacture of a wide range of electronic devices is available from Anver Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

Anver Nomastatt ESD Vacuum Suction Cups feature a 97 K?*cm @500V static dissipating value and are molded from a proprietary elastomer that can withstand up to 4000F. Designed for EOAT in virtually all automation and handling processes, these ESD-safe suction cups are available in flat-, single-, and multi-bellows shapes in standard sizes from 1/88 to 22 O.D.

Effective anywhere static buildup is a problem and in explosion-proof environments, Anver Nomastatt ESD Vacuum Suction Cups are interchangeable with most other manufacturerss cups. Applications include pick-and-place equipment for manufacturing phones, circuit boards, and other devices.

Anver Nomastatt ESD Vacuum Suction Cups are priced according to style, size, and quantity. Free samples and pricing are available upon request.

For more information contact:

Anver Corporation
Mark Laycox, Group Manager
36 Parmenter Rd.
Hudson, MA 01749
(800) 654-3500 FAX (978) 568-1570
e-mail: mlaycox@anver.com

New Sizes for Attractively Priced JGP 2-finger parallel gripper and JGZ 3-finger gripper

The successful Compact Class has been further developed as the JGP 2-finger parallel gripper and JGZ 3-finger gripper have been expanded to include sizes 40 and 50. The powerful drive, with an oval piston for the JGP grippers and a round piston for the JGZ grippers and rigid T-slot guidance, guarantee the user precise and fail-safe handling.

This ensures high machine uptime and thus high efficiency of production and assembly. Thanks to their compact designs, these grippers can be used in areas where space is limited. Also, these grippers are suitable for many standard tasks in industrial handling, and provide all essential functions at an extremely attractive price!

Easy and very reliable monitoring for both grippers can be carried out with inductive proximity switches or magnetic slot switches. In addition, nearly all of the accessories such as force measuring jaws, analog and magnetic position sensors, finger blanks and much more from the well-known premium PGN+ and PZN+ products can also be used.

211 Kitty Hawk Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
Phone: 919.572.2705 or
Fax: 919.572.2818

Fabco-Air, Inc. Product Announcement, FAE Series (ISO-6432) Cylinders

Fabco-Air, Inc. is pleased to announce a new product line.
The FAE Series ISO-6432 compliant extruded body "throw away" cylinder.
Features Include:

Magnetic piston is standard.

Stainless steel barrel insures long life and corrosion resistance for 12 to 25 bores. Anodized aluminum barrel for 32 to 40 bores.

Anodized aluminum end covers for corrosion resistance.

Wide range of models allow selection for many applications.

Mounting nut furnished on all sizes.

Machined male rod thread with jam nut is standard on all sizes.

32 and 40 bores offered as extended sizes with similar features.

Standard delivery is 7-10 days. Express delivery is available.
Please contact Fabco-Air, Inc. customer service with any questions.

Bulletin FAE-09 can be downloaded at:

The catalog is also available on our literature request form, as well as our main catalog download page.
Please contact Fabco-Air, Inc. customer service with any questions.

Contact Information
phone: (352) 373-3578
fax: (352) 375-8024
email: service@fabco-air.com