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Festo SmartBird takes flight at Canada's National Manufacturing Event CMTS

SmartBird, Festos bionic flight model, will fly at Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show in Toronto

With its SmartBird, the global supplier of automation technology, Festo, has succeeded in decoding one of the oldest mysteries known to mankind: How birds fly.
At this year's CMTS, Festos SmartBird will be taking to the air for the first time in Canada. The German based company will demonstrate how nature provides new inspiration for advanced automation technology at Canadaas leading manufacturing event CMTS which will be held in Toronto from September 30th to October 3rd. Meet Festo at The International Centre in Toronto in Hall 4, booth 7005.

As a global manufacturer of pneumatic and electric automation technology, Festos core business is helping to shape the production and working environments of the future by offering its customers innovative solutions for the production systems of tomorrow and beyond. Through Festos Bionic Learning Network, we turn to nature which provides a vast source of intelligent solutions to technical problems which we can apply in areas of energy efficiency, lightweight construction and functional integration. Festos innovative approach to improving productivity is essential for our long-term reputation as a competent partner with a high level of problem-solving skills, emphasizes Thomas Lichtenberger, President of Festo Inc, Mississauga, Ontario.

Learning from Nature to Improve Productivity
The Bionic Learning Network is a network linking Festo to well-known universities, institutes and development companies. Its objective is to transfer biological principles to industrial automation technology and to provide innovative solutions for industrial applications through bionics.

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